The incredible vastness, the magisterial sweep of present day book publishing is, quite simply, jaw-dropping.
Here's a few words about the scope of books and music in society.
Camus says...
Music marketing must abandon its peculiar straits.
The 2019 American book market
The aerodynamics of ideas makes for awfully unpredictable math.
Ted Levitt succinctly explicates the essential idea that an ever-widening perspective is a marketing necessity.
Here stands the HBR on offer, in situ, in a supermarket just a 10-minute drive south of NASA's Jet Propulsion Library and 4 minutes north of Cal Tech; visible from the parking lot is the Mt. Wilson Observatory where Dr. Hubble discovered that the Milky Way doesn't comprise the entire universe.  This newsstand is, one might guess, frequented by some fairly intelligent potential customers for reading materials...
The Paine Paradox:  How to move  66 million copies of a title today--without all the advantages enjoyed by Thomas Paine.
Paine's Promise: We have it in our power to change the world...
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